Friday, December 16, 2011

Where I"m at today

We are just days away from Christmas.  I can't say I'm overwhelmed with Christmas Spirit.

For the first time in years, I am approaching Christmas as an employed person.  Nearly three months ago, I got a job right around the corner from our home at a dry cleaning business.  It is pretty much full time.

What I've learned:  I can work on my feet very nicely as long as I'm moving.  I have really good organization skills but don't always do well with interruption.  I can deal really well with calm people.  I am fast (who knew??).  I can make some pretty silly mistakes when I'm tired.  REALLY silly.

  From the end of October until Remembrance Day (November 11), we were extremely busy.  My boss knew I was getting very tired.  I had to start wearing a wrist brace (and so continue, although the need is not as great now).  I was told things would get very quiet after Remembrance Day.  They haven't.

Now the the Christmas rush should be over, as our military are on their leave, we shall see what the new 'quiet' is.

I am hanging on by my fingernails.  My time off at Christmas will tell me whether I can continue.  A good rest may be all I need.  I hope.  I am making some crazy mistakes, and last week my terrier brain turned into 'pitbull' (a customer referred to me as such.  Lovely) when dealing with a rude customer.  This is not me...

I've managed to pare my thyroid med to 2x/day. I take most of that amount at night right before I go to sleep. My sleep is hit-and-miss.  Some days 1/2 a sleeping tab will do.  Some days even a whole tab doesn't seem to be enough.  Doc has added some progesterone, and I am reacting well to that so far.

I still think my thyroid needs more support, but may have hit a brick wall there.  I see doc on Tuesday.  We'll see how that goes.

I am still taking a lot of iodine.  I've discovered that the days I don't take it, I do not feel well.  Even reducing the amount is not good.  I had increased over 100 mg when the reactor in Japan exploded.  I planned to reduce the amount when I figured I'd reached saturation.  My body seems to request otherwise.  I am thinking of increasing my amount.

Of course now that I'm working I have much less time to figure these things out, so that poses a challenge too.

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